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Hello and welcome to urgent cheats, we aim to bring you the latest and best up coming game cheats. So if your a fan of game cheats then you will love our site. 

We try our best to provide our fans with the latest game cheats for games like dbz dokkan battle, pokemon shuffle, plus many more! 

Here at urgent cheats we have been providing game cheats for the past 5 years. Yes we know the site looks a little out of touch! We are not web designers we are software developers! We create game cheats via the use of cheat tools and hard coding skills.

So if your looking for a cheat tool for any game on the market this is really the best place for you to begin! Just watch our video below to gain some understanding as to what we do for the gaming community!

Above it one of our HQ Cheat tool this is for angry birds 2. If your interested in our cheat tools then check out our site http://toxiccheats.com 

Please take note that our cheat tools will not make you a better player at any given game. They are designed to make it seem like your an awesome gamer. Weather that be looking game cheats to improve your game currency. Reaching the high score. Or just adding in game resources.

Please use our game cheats responsible and try not to device others on how good your gaming skills are. If you want people to believe your an awesome gamer than you will need to start playing games properly. Oh and more frequently. Pro gaming takes a lot of practice and hard work. Game cheats simulate that.