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Minions Paradise Cheats

Posted by dami3n on October 26, 2015 at 7:00 AM

Here are our fresh Minions Paradise Cheats

There here, the big minions Paradise Cheats everyone was asking about. We are sorry for the delay in the reply to our loyal fans. Work load has been huge this week on the run up to christmas. So if your one of the many who as emailed us over the weekend, we are sorry we are back up and running after a leave of absecene.

So what can you expect from our minions paradise cheats

The question should be what can't you expect from our minions paradise cheats! We have added as much benefits to our cheat tool as possible. Next to doing the whole game for you, we have added a ton of cool features. Here is just a few of the awesome stuff you can expect to see on our minions paradise cheat tool. 

  • Unlimited coconuts for minions paradise
  • Unlimited Doubloons for Minions Paradise
  • Double xp
  • Level up mod for minions paradise cheats
  • Unlock the marketplace/shop - free goodies minions paradise hack exclusive

These are just a few of the cool new features on our minions paradise cheats. From the above list we do hope your very excited about our minions paradise cheat tool!

Please be aware that like usual we tend to host our content all over the net as to not harm our main advertising site. It's just common practice when it comes to game cheats.

If you wish to download our minions paradise cheats you will need to visit toxic cheats, they are our host of choice for this awesome minions paradise cheat tool! 

Minions Paradise Cheats

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Unkilled Cheats

Posted by dami3n on October 1, 2015 at 9:40 PM

Hey guys! How is everyone on this fine october night! (comments!)

We have been working ultra hard this week creating our brand new game cheats. Since it's now october it's now time for us to release our brand new unkilled cheats! Oh hell yeah this game is so much fun! We can't get enough of it. So if your also a fan of unkilled you may love our brand new unkilled hacks! So why not check them out today and see how much fun you really can have with this game,

Our unkilled cheats work for both android and IOS they are designed to be a simple as click and play. So if your looking for some awesome unkilled game hacks, then you sir have come to the correct place. We have allready shared some great content over at: and because of this we have had some great feedback! So we decided to release our unkilled cheats here!

If your quite eager we won't fill you in the great features involved in our unkilled hack. But if you wish to find out more why not read more of our article to find out!

Here are some of our unkilled cheats features:

Unlimited gold 

Unlimited Cash

Unlimited ammo

No need to reload

Can kill from short distance

Remove ads - plus many more!

We hope you enjoy our unkilled cheats and are sure to share it with your friends! You can check out our" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">facebook page or" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">twitter feed for more great game cheats! Just remember to share our content to ensure we can bring you more great content!

Free Netflix accounts

Posted by dami3n on September 26, 2015 at 6:30 AM

Get the latest free netflix accounts right here!

Hey guys, its been a while. We have been away on vacation and during our time off we have been wracking our brains. Yes even during our holiday season we still are hard at work creating new tools for you guys. We spent the majoirty of our holiday creating a brand new alogorithm to be used with netflix. We wanted to create a way that would help you guys get more free netflix accounts.

So after a week of hard work we have successfully created a brand new netfflix account generator.

This is just a quick post up date and we will be providing more in depth information in regards to this. Please be aware that you must have an internet connection to run our tool. But then again isn't that common sense as you require the internet to watch netflix anyways!

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Time for our brand new Simcity BuildIt cheats

Posted by dami3n on September 14, 2015 at 9:50 PM

The best Simcity BuildIt Cheats online!

We offer you free simcash and money with our simcity buildIt cheats

Hey guys its urgent cheats here with a brand new post! That's right we decided to go on social on you. Hah! Well maybe not so social but im sure you understand us. Here at urgent cheats we try to provide our followers with the best mobile cheats. We allready showed you some of our top cheats.

The only problem is we felt that just one page wasn't enough. So we had to create a web blog! This way we can keep our users updated with new exciting posts about new game cheats. Because we all know how much we love game cheats!

Well enough rambling here are our new Simcity BuildIt cheats!

To check our our Simcity BuildIt cheats you will need to head over to our site! Like usual but once there get ready for fun! We are currently providing a unique simcity buildIt experience. We offer our followers the chance to get FREE SIM CASH! hell yeah we all love simcash! can't get enough of the stuff.

But that's not all! For a full breakdown of our Simcity BuildIt cheats you will need to check out it's features below!

Unlimited Simcash to spend on what you need and want

Unlimited Money to waste on junk!

Work on most devices ios and android

Just click and play functionality

We hope you enjoy our brand new simcity buildIT cheats! Check out some reviews below on simcity buildit if you have not heard of it get it now! Download it from the market place right now!" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">simcity buildit download!

"You can play this new SimCity without paying anything"

Please be aware that ture hardcore fans of simcity may not like this whole new click and play design. As it's just basically simcity looks with farmville gameplay!. Just use our simcity buildIt cheats and it may make things less boring!


Magic Rampage cheats

Posted by dami3n on

Magic Rampage Cheats

Get more from magic rampage with our unique cheats

Magic rampage cheats

So your sat there at home scratching your head. You just can't get past that hard level on magic rampage. Well we feel your pain. Here at urgen cheats we aim to provide you with our brand new cheats. Our magic rampage cheats are specific to our site. You will not find anything quite like this online. So bank with the best and get your magic rampage cheats from urgent cheats!

We have all been there. Just can't get past one level. We are not bad at games heck we are good! But the problem is no matter how hard we try we are just not ready to take on that boss or level. That is why urgent cheats created these unique magic rampage hacks. WIthout them there would be so many people struggling to play the game. So we are happy to support our unique fans!

If your one of many that has struggled with magic rampage then we really do feel sorry for you. But don't despair we have the perfect magic rampage hacks. Get hold of ours from: Magic Rampage Cheats 

Head over to the link above and check out our unique magic rampage cheat tool!

Please be fully aware that cheating does not make you better at magic rampage. It will just unlock levels so you can progress much further than before. 

Here at urgent cheats we try to offer the best game cheats on the market. We aim to give our followers unique and diffferent cheats that work on all devices and consoles. Since magic rampage is just for mobile devices. This was an easy cheat to make! Now that our magic rampage cheats are live we hope you enjoy them completely!